The Royal Villa

The Royal Villa

Imagine owning posh villa in Bali’s Premium area. Only 25 units available. Your dream home in Bali. Project by PT. Sangkara Dewata Asia. Offers 25 Luxury Units available in several Premium areas in Bali.


For the ultimate relaxing retreat that’s balanced with plenty of good wine and paired with the savory spiced cuisine Bali is best known for – look no further than The Royal Villa’s Bali.

The Royal Villa’s Bali is The Luxury Projects of 25 Luxury Villa units scattered around Bali area. Located in several premium locations such as Canggu, Ubud, Uluwatu and Tabanan. Each unit have 4-5 bedrooms, complete with huge pool, Jacuzzi, games room, well-equipped fitness room, plus spectacular home’s wine cellar, sauna, steam room, hot tub, and so much more.

So yes, dreams do exist… did we forget to mention that it’s the property itself that offers a ton of fun amenities for everyone – no matter the age – to enjoy. There’s nothing to compare with soaking up the sun at the gorgeous pool in the tropical island. One of the favorite things that make these villas so special is the home’s wine cellar. Let’s toast to that!

Need we say more? But really, everything else this villa has to offer is simply a dream.


The total units of The Royal Villa’s Bali are 25 units spread across several premium locations in Bali.

We wanted this to enable as many foreigners as possible to invest in a very profitable product. But not just any kind of product but a Heavenly kind of comfortable luxury villa at the lowest cost and with the best value for your money and have the full ownership right.


Tittle : Freehold
Location : Canggu, Ubud & Premium Area
Land Size : Starting from 500 m2
Building Size : Starting from 300 m2
Price : Staring from IDR 8.800.000.000
(USD 580.000 )


Bedrooms : 5 Bedrooms
Kitchen : Indoor Kitchen
Bar : Outdoor Bar
Bar : Rooftop Bar
Bar : Home Wine Cellar
Fitness : Gym Room
Living room : Indoor Living Room
Dining room : Indoor Dining Room
Entertainment : Home Theater
Extra Room : Laundry Room
Extra Room : Wardrobe Room
Extra Room : Reading Room
Extra Room : Games Room
Space : Workspace
Pool : Swimming Pool
Jacuzzi : Outdoor Jacuzzi
Sauna : Indoor sauna
Steam Room : Indoor Steam Room


The Royal Villa are only 25 units available. They are in Canggu, Ubud, Uluwatu and Tabanan which is considered premium area in Bali. This is a great opportunity to take. You can have your own Bali’s dream home to live in or you can also rent it. Both will be a good profit.

During pandemic Bali is still a popular destination for holiday and for work. You can imagine people will flock to Bali after the vaccination reach the herd immunity and the borders will be opened.

People come and they will need a place to stay, some for short time and some for quite a long time. The Villa will be one of their accommodation choices, especially because of the premium location. Canggu has the best beaches and amazing views. Ubud has the cool atmosphere and pretty scenery. Uluwatu has the spectacular cliffs with picturesque panorama. Tabanan has the marvelous rice terrace and beautiful landscape.

So, don’t wait too long. Now it’s the right time to have your Bali’s dream home in the Premium area. Remember, only 25 units available.


Website :
Email : [email protected]
Call us : +62821 4200 8900


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