FOR SALE – Stunning Luxurious Riverside 4-Star Hotel In Ubud

FOR SALE – Stunning Luxurious Riverside 4-Star Hotel In Ubud

FOR SALE – Stunning Luxurious Riverside 4-Star Hotel In Ubud



  • 450 Milyar = 31,840,400 USD


  • Land surface area 14.069 M2
  • Building area 13.168 M2
  • Wider road access
  • 68 suites villas
  • 52 suite rooms
  • 14 units villas with pools
  • 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms Villa units with private pools
  • 1 Large resort style swimming pool
  • 16 smaller pools per each private villas
  • Fully furnished with high end 5-star hotel facilities
  • Jacuzzi, Sauna, Meeting Rooms, 2 Yoga Shala, Gym
  • Restaurant, Lobby area, Wedding Chapel
  • Large parking space area



  • Ownership Certificate (Freehold)
  • Complete Building Permit
  • Full hotel, Restaurant and Spa Licenses


Why Ubud is Better Than the Beach

Here is the reasons why you should get this Stunning Luxurious Riverside 4-Star Hotel in Ubud. And why Ubud is the main base when holidaying in Bali. This upland town is best known as the island’s artistic and cultural capital, and it’s where most visitors go to when they’ve had enough of the sun, sea and sand of Bali’s popular beaches. What Ubud don’t have is coastlines; it makes up for with green valleys and adventures into nature, as well as vibrant historical sites and an eclectic shopping scene.

Ubud central is usually the starting point, with highlights along the Jalan Raya Ubud main road. But surrounding villages like Payangan and Tegallalang are dotted with hidden gems: paddies, sacred water temples, magnificent archaeological sites, white water rapids and villages home to master craftsmen.

Ubud is a favourite destination for many thanks to its cool highland location, a slow-paced village lifestyle, and an overall laid-back atmosphere. Ubud is cooler and greener compared to Bali’s southern coastal areas, so it’s no wonder that it attracts spa-goers, yogis and wellbeing practitioners.

Nature lovers and photographers are also treated to great views, particularly along the Ayung and Petanu river valleys. Most of Ubud’s landscapes comprise rice fields backed by green hillsides. Ubud is surrounded by stunning sceneries, which come in a larger variety compared to the resort towns down by the beach. The most famous vista is probably Tegallalang with its beautifully terraced rice fields, but there are so many more lush and green valleys around Ubud to discover.

There are also many extraordinary temples, such as Gunung Kawi, set under foothills or into rock faces, and the similarly named Gunung Kawi Sebatu in the village of Sebatu north of Tampaksiring, just waiting to be explored.

If surfing is one of the main attractions down at the coastline, Ubud has plenty of rice trekking and village cycling as well as adrenaline-pumping activities. Start at Ayung River, home to Bali’s white-water rafting scene, where you can enjoy an exciting day out along the longest and largest river. Along the course, you can cool off under a waterfall, wade through or jump into crystal-clear freshwater pools, and catch the occasional sight of exotic birds and wildlife.

Canyon tubing is also a great way to cruise, which takes place along a smaller stream in Payangan, up north. For slightly drier (but oftentimes muddy) action, rev up and conquer some highland dirt trails on an ATV quad bike or a 2-seater buggy.

Sunsets in Ubud can be as exceptional as down on Bali’s favourite beaches, with undulating rice paddies and mountain silhouettes in place of the rolling surf. You can find such scenery on an afternoon walk along Ubud’s famous Campuhan ridge, or simply with an afternoon tea at one of the beautiful restaurants along the Sayan ridge – the likes of the Ayung Terrace at the Four Seasons or from a table setting at restaurants set along the Sayan ridge.



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